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Preview of Formula columns in Dataverse for Power Apps

Microsoft has announced a preview of Dataverse’s Formula Columns, the next generation of Dataverse.

Now Dataverse has the same functionality, allowing you to express your business logic through existing columns and reference columns in other tables.

Calculations are performed at the Dataverse level, so results can be viewed and used on all Dataverse endpoints, including Dataverse for Teams table views, canvas and model-driven Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Dataverse APIs. To give just a few examples.

The formula column is based on PowerFx.

More details can be found here.

Boost maker productivity inside Dataverse using formula columns! | Microsoft Power Apps

View in File Explorer now available in Microsoft Edge

As of August 17, 2021 Microsoft has stopped support for the Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) for Microsoft 365 apps and services. As a result, Microsoft recommends using the OneDrive sync app to sync SharePoint files with your computer, rather than using View in File Explorer feature in IE11.

But In some special cases, still some customers asks to use View in File Explorer feature of Modern SharePoint online.

Good news is, from the Microsoft Edge Stable version 93, you can enable the View in File Explorer capability for SharePoint Online Modern Document Libraries.

For this experience to be visible and work for your users, you will need to enable the Microsoft Edge policy “Configure the View in File Explorer feature for SharePoint pages in Microsoft Edge” and update your SharePoint Online tenant configuration.

Configuration to enable the View in File Explorer with Microsoft Edge

To enable View in File Explorer feature on your SharePoint online tenant, follow steps given at: Configure View in File Explorer with Edge.

After enabling the feature, you can find the View in File Explorer option by navigating to the Document Library > Select the Library View Menu on the right-hand side > Select View In File Explorer.

View in File Explorer feature in SharePoint Online modern experience document library
View in File Explorer in action in SharePoint online document library

Release Timeline for this feature

  • This feature will start rolling out in early October for Targeted release.
  • This feature will begin rolling out in early November and complete by the end of November for standard releases.

While View in File Explorer feature will be available, it is not recommended to use this feature always. Whether you’re using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or another browser, Sync feature is a faster and more reliable method for putting SharePoint files into folders you can see in File Explorer. To learn more, visit SharePoint file sync.

Reference: View SharePoint files with File Explorer in Microsoft Edge

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