Update: link to TechNet article Default user profile properties (SharePoint Server 2010)and Default user profile property mappings (SharePoint Server 2010)

Displayname Name Value
Section: Basic Information
Id UserProfile_GUID
Active Directory Id ADGuid
Account name AccountName
First name FirstName
Phonetic First Name SPS-PhoneticFirstName
Last name LastName
Phonetic Last Name SPS-PhoneticLastName
Name PreferredName
Phonetic Display Name SPS-PhoneticDisplayName
Work phone WorkPhone
Department Department
Title Title
Job Title SPS-JobTitle
Manager Manager
About me AboutMe
Personal site PersonalSpace
Picture PictureURL
User name UserName
Quick links QuickLinks
Web site WebSite
Public site redirect PublicSiteRedirect
Data source SPS-DataSource
MemberOf SPS-MemberOf
Dotted-line Manager SPS-Dotted-line
Peers SPS-Peers
Ask Me About SPS-Responsibility
SIP Address SPS-SipAddress
My Site Upgrade SPS-MySiteUpgrade
Don’t Suggest List SPS-DontSuggestList
Proxy addresses SPS-ProxyAddresses
Hire date SPS-HireDate
Display Order SPS-DisplayOrder
Claim User Identifier SPS-ClaimID
Claim Provider Identifier SPS-ClaimProviderID
Claim Provider Type SPS-ClaimProviderType
Last Colleague Added SPS-LastColleagueAdded
Outlook Web Access URL SPS-OWAUrl
Saved Account Name SPS-SavedAccountName
Saved SID SPS-SavedSID
Resource Forest SID SPS-ResourceSID
Resource Forest Account Name SPS-ResourceAccountName
Object Exists SPS-ObjectExists
Master Account Name SPS-MasterAccountName
Distinguished Name SPS-DistinguishedName
Source Object Distinguished Name SPS-SourceObjectDN
Last Keyword Added SPS-LastKeywordAdded
Section: Contact Information
Work e-mail WorkEmail
Mobile phone CellPhone
Fax Fax
Home phone HomePhone
Office Office
Office Location SPS-Location
Time Zone SPS-TimeZone
Assistant Assistant
Section: Details
Past projects SPS-PastProjects
Skills SPS-Skills
Schools SPS-School
Birthday SPS-Birthday
Status Message SPS-StatusNotes
Section: Delegation
Section: Newsfeed Settings
Interests SPS-Interests
Email Notifications SPS-EmailOptin
Section: Custom Properties
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