Posted: 13 Dec 2010 10:02 PM PST

When I started using Windows 7, I was happy about the way Sticky Notes worked for me, though I was still not satisfied about its limited availability in case I am not using my computer. What if I have to use some other PC and I need part of the notes I have saved using Sticky Notes, the answer to this I found while reading an article online about NoteSync.

15 Manage your Notes Anywhere using NoteSync

NoteSync, as the name suggests, lets you manage your notes and then sync them to your Google ID under Google Docs. It works using the Adobe Air platform and is a very light application. The software for iPhone, Android and WebOS platforms are currently in their development phase. I started with the beta 1.2.1 version, NoteSync is now available under its Official version 1.0 as well. However you get to use the official version only for a trial period and will have to buy the license (through Adobe) for only US$ 4.99.

How NoteSync can help you more with your work?

  • Take quick notes without being limited by any software/computer.
  • Automatic sync to your Google Docs account every minute or when you wish.
  • Search notes and even the text inside them quickly.
  • Keyboard shortcuts makes working more easier.
  • Connection to Google is HTTPS based and local storage is also encrypted.
  • All your notes can be found under the folder ‘NoteSync’ in Google Docs.

16 Manage your Notes Anywhere using NoteSync

You can still download the 1.1.1 Beta version from the link. If you know of any other such thing let me know through the comments.

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